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Device Information:
Device Identifying Information will be kept confidential and released only on a need-to-know basis. Payment for items must be received by the company before  to recipient until only be provided to individuals with a proper need-to-know. This policy is in effect to help slow the production of fraudulent item(s).

Personal Privacy: 

Personal Identifying Information (PII) or contact information to 3rd party companies or individuals.

 Holding: Items held on company premises must be picked up within 7 days, or an additional $10 charge will be added to invoice each day for holding fees. After 30 days any items left will be considered abandoned and become company property. After 30 days, items will be used for the benefit of the company. Customers must pay balance in full to redeem possession of the item if it has not been sold to another party. 

Refunds and Returns:
If the item(s) is not as described by our company then refund will be issued. Please ask all questions prior to buying a item. We strive to as accurately describe items as we can.